Events are an integral part of the Garage culture. We strongly believe that connecting, networking and engaging through events can strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

January 15, 2021
Mastering Business Growth // 8 Ways to Hit Financial Goals by Edward Ndegwa

Mastering Business Growth // 8 Ways to Hit your Company’s Financial Goals 

January 14, 2021
After Office Hours // 4 Lessons Shared by Host Speakers

After Office Hours // 4 Lessons Shared by Host Speakers

November 17, 2020

#Event: The Future of Audience Engagement by Mdundo

November 6, 2019
Business Journey

9 tips to staying motivated in your career and business journey

October 4, 2019
tech events in Rwanda

Africa Tech Summit returns to Kigali

April 26, 2018

‘Every Woman Is A Star’

March 27, 2018
Muthoni Njoba

AOH With Muthoni Njoba: Follow Your Passion, Everything Else Will Align Itself

March 27, 2018

Africa’s first Virtual Reality Hackathon

March 23, 2018
Connect Nairobi

EVENT // WhereIsMyTransport CONNECTNairobi

March 7, 2018

Bankorus Introducing Crypto Wealth Management

November 16, 2017
After Office Hours with Ken Njoroge

After Office Hours // with Ken Njoroge

October 24, 2017

SeedStars World is coming to Nairobi! – 10 November 2017

On the 10 November 2017, the best entrepreneurs and startups from Nairobi will be invited to pitch their companies and ideas. They’ll be judged by a panel of investors to compete for the opportunity to be named the most promising seed-stage startup of SeedStars Nairobi 2017.
COVID-19 Response - We care about your safety
All our spaces are implementing Ministry of Health guidelines and we are encouraging our staff and members to continue practicing safety precautions when away from the office. As the COVID-19 crisis is developing, we at Nairobi Garage are actively thinking about how we can assist you and the business ecosystem in Kenya.