Our Events are an integral part of the Nairobi Garage culture.

We strongly believe that connecting, networking and engaging through our networking events can strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kenya. We regularly host thought-provoking Networking events and inspiring talks, skill-focused seminars and unique networking evenings designed to provide opportunities for professional development and creative growth.

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#ConnectingCommunities | Cocreation Between Communities June 2021
#ConnectingCommunities | Cocreation Between Communities June 2021

#ConnectingCommunities is Back!

In the 2nd edition of our #ConnectingCommunities series, we will be talking with some of the foremost community builders within the Kenyan innovation ecosystem on Co-Creation & Collaboration.

Thoughts that will be on the table for discussion:

  • How can we build a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing between communities?
  • What’s the state of the ecosystem? What’s missing and how can we fill that gap in partnership with other key stakeholders?
  • Are startups over-taught and under-funded? What are the current needs of innovators? Are we addressing that? What more could be done to attract necessary capital for innovators?
  • And the future, that is, what’s the next frontier in building and supporting sustainable startups?

Leading the discussion will be a panel made up of:

Happening on Livestorm.co on Wednesday, 30th June 2021 from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm

#ConnectingCommunities is a joint initiative between Metta and Nairobi Garage to bring together like-minded people in the innovation ecosystem.

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COVID-19 Response - We care about your safety
All our spaces are implementing Ministry of Health guidelines and we are encouraging our staff and members to continue practising safety precautions when away from the office. As the COVID-19 crisis is developing, we at Nairobi Garage are actively thinking about how we can assist you and the business ecosystem in Kenya.