Knowledge pieces and thought leadership features on members of the community and of leaders in the business ecosystem in Kenya

January 8, 2021
Business Travel :: 7 Ways We Think the Sector will Change in the Next Year

Business Travel // 7 Sector Changes in the Next Year

January 5, 2021
Read to Lead // 9 Must-Read Books to Kick-start the Year

Read to Lead // 9 Must-Read Books to Kick-start the Year

December 30, 2020
Business Advice :: 14 Quotes by African Opinion Leaders

Business Advice // 14 Quotes by African Opinion Leaders

December 17, 2020
AWS Africa Startup Connect

AWS Africa Startup Connect // Apply before January 18th 2021

December 10, 2020
After Office Hours Recap

After Office Hours Recap // 5 Key Highlights from Rina Hicks

December 3, 2020
Financial Coach

Financial Coach // 5 Tips to consider before engaging one

December 2, 2020
Corporate Gifting Companies

Corporate Gifting Companies // 7 Platforms Offering Gifting Services & Ideas

November 26, 2020
Kenya Small Business Leaders Programme

Kenya Small Business Leaders Programme // Applications Open till 3rd December

November 25, 2020
Immigration in Kenya

Immigration in Kenya // 8 Required Passes You Need to Understand

November 24, 2020
Manufacturing in Kenya

Manufacturing in Kenya // Top 7 Companies Influencing the Future

November 23, 2020
Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom Targets Registration of 2,000 School Domains

November 13, 2020
Your organisation is likely to face intensified mental health challenges. How prepared are you? Read our article on managing mental health in the workplace.

Workplace Wellness | 8 Tips to Help Manage Mental Health

COVID-19 Response - We care about your safety
All our spaces are implementing Ministry of Health guidelines and we are encouraging our staff and members to continue practicing safety precautions when away from the office. As the COVID-19 crisis is developing, we at Nairobi Garage are actively thinking about how we can assist you and the business ecosystem in Kenya.