IMG_20170420_075310_627Well, if you missed out on the essentials of the Facebook F8 Meetup, here is a recap on everything Mark Zuckerburg touched on during the session in our office space this past Tuesday. The main event being “Augmented Reality,” and developers.  From VR to Bots, here is everything facebook announced:

1. The Camera is Everything

It was pretty clear from Zuckerburg’s keynote address that the future holds a lot of potential for the camera on our phones, basically the camera is everything! The most important tool for all users on the phone will be the camera. In Facebook the camera will be surfacing new augmented reality technology. The future will hold even a greater impact for sharing and engaging with photographic material. You will be able to see the world through your Facebook app.

2. Social VR

Facebook is creating a virtual reality space where you will have an animated avatar of your own.You will be able to celebrate your birthday and visit a space station at the same time. Way to cool for any office space!

3. Messenger Games & Music

With Facebook’s new integration you will be able to chat with friends on messenger and share your favorite music simultaneously. Messenger will now be synced with Spotify and Apple Music to ease you convinience.

4. AR will be Huge!

Augmented reality tools will be implemented all the way on messenger using SLAM technology, and you will be able to leave note sticks for friends on your refrigerators. ” This is going to be the thing, people standing and looking at blank walls, ” Zuckerburg said. Just similar to a phenomenon at silent disco raves.

5. Powerful Messenger Bots

Messenger’s future entails easy access and interaction opportunity for you and your peeps. You will be able to order dinner, book movie tickets and UBER yourself to coffee shop all while chatting with your friends. This will all be implemented by Facebook’s smart bots.IMG_20170420_101054_027 (1)

So here you have it a quick sum up of the essentials, however if you are curious about more on the F8 Facebook Announcement click here. Our office space is always leading the way in engaging community events. If you did make it to our event, here is a link to your photographs and selfies :)


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