One of the greatest challenges as a fresh graduate is to get a job and while at it, to rise through the ranks quickly to top positions. This can be dealt with if potential and junior employees get training and the right mentorship and skills to properly network and make their way up the corporate ladder.

Spire, a leading career accelerator program based in Nairobi is hosting a senior leader’s meet and greet event as part of this effort.

In keeping with its vision of enabling employees further their careers, Spire is constantly organizing events to bring together potential employees and employers for networking.

Students in Spire’s career accelerator program get unparalleled insight into career advancement and networking skills with 95% of graduates getting employed in large multinationals such as KPMG, L’oreal and even local firms such as Equity Bank.

This month’s meet and greet will be on two days, March 25 and April 1st with the first day focused on Finance and Technology while the second will be focused on project Management.

Spire’s graduates will be available for meeting with industry leaders, decision makers and hiring managers after their 6 weeks intensive course which includes practical, professional and soft skills training methodologies.

The event is free and managers are encouraged to attend so as to mentor and also potentially meet their next top employee.

One can also apply separately if they wish to attend both events.

Click here for more details regarding the event and application.