ICT is growing and African countries are not being left out. ICT based companies are rapidly being instituted and ran by some of Africa’s most innovative minds.

East Africa is a leader in this front but these companies need to be networked with larger organizations and contacts to realize their full potential.

In light of this, the East Africa AITEC Summit will be held on February 18th and 19th at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. The summit will seek to mobilize implementation strategies at all levels with a view to improve the lives of the regions citizens.

To achieve this the AITEC Summit will involve an Innovators Pavilion (IP) which is basically going to bring together dozens of startups to pitch their ideas to investors for funding.

IP will be run by TANZICT (Collaboration between Ministry of Communications in Tanzania and the Foreign affairs ministry of the Finnish government).

Some of the startups that will be pitching are;

Ubongo:  Animated edutainment series

Getcore: Digital technology creators for companies

Guumzo: Swahili voice sharing social network

Jamaa technologies: Delivers custom oriented technological solutions

MovieW: Gives access to information on movies, directors, actors etc

Soka: An android based app delivering news on the Tanzanian Premier League

Kinu: Social enterprise focused on growing Tanzanian technology

Buni: Tech hub that encourages innovation through capacity building and mentorship

IP is an opportunity for startups to get their big break and is open to all angels/investors.

If interested you could get in contact with the organizers by emailing [email protected]