Starting a business is normally a hurdle and growing it an even greater headache. In this age of Social Media and internet, knowing how to tell your business story is the difference between a acquiring and retaining a client or not.

Most businesses have potential but due to poor communication strategies they just do not penetrate the market.

In developing a proper communications strategy, you have a chance at having clients understand your business and why it’s the best choice for them.

This involves being able to properly tell the company’s story and not only doing so but through the right channels.

Nairobi Garage is a community of startups and such a toolkit couldn’t come in at a better time.

Microsoft Corporation through its Director of Communications Janelle Poole is launching a communications toolkit for SME’s and Startups to equip them with the necessary knowledge and understanding of proper communication for the growth of their companies.

Janelle will be in Kenya on March 17th 2015 to help launch this tooltkit.

The closed launch event for Nairobi Garage members will be held from 9 am-11 am and will be in two sessions.

The first will be a training on the communications toolkit and its proper use while the second session will be a PR/Communications clinic.

During the clinic the team will assist companies with their PR/Communications troubles.

Participants will also get a chance to ask questions around how to develop a proper communications and PR strategy.

This launch is free but is also a closed event. You could email [email protected] for consideration.