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There’s no question you’ve heard about Fuzu, maybe you’ve used their platform yourself, maybe you got the job you have no thanks to them, maybe you know people who did! No matter, Fuzu has been one of the biggest players in the Kenyan scene connecting prospective employees to potential employers, facilitating the hiring process, making it quicker and more efficient. That’s right, they’re our members too! Guess what, now you have a chance to work for this Finnish company. Be a part of reducing the unemployment rate in your country.

Does creating content (e.g. something like this blog post) interest you at all? What they need right now is a digital content specialist, which would involve handling their social media, curating their online content, and writing interesting stories about the Kenyan job scene. If this is something you believe you can do then take a step and apply through this link. To some the job might sound easy, but the skills necessary to do it well are difficult to come by.

Best of luck to you all! And remember that our other members have job openings as well, click here to see more of them.