On Friday evenings, we host After Office Hours.  It’s a relaxed forum where our members listen to a presentation by another business and provide positive criticism. Presenting businesses are able to inject a new lease of life into their business by understanding how they are perceived or solving persistent challenges. This Friday 7th November, we hear from Echo Mobile !

Echo Mobile is a web and mobile based Management Information System (MIS). Echo mobile enables profit making and society based organizations to communicate with their clients and members of the general public. Organisations which have used the platform are able to get feedback on their products, reduce the cost of carrying out surveys, track customer satisfaction and respond to queries in a timely manner.

Echo Mobile was launched in 2010 and currently has 7 employees. It operates in a highly competitive market, and has so far managed to garner positive reviews from clients and press.  This October, Echo Mobile partnered with IBM Research Africa and Airtel to create a system that is helping governments in West Africa fight Ebola. This is by tracking and collecting information sent between health care professionals, members of the public and government officials.

It will be interesting to see what challenges the company has faced, especially there as been an increase in businesses that operate data management systems.  According to available data, mobile penetration in African countries is above 60% and in some cases 90%.