TIME: 7:00 – 9:30

LOCATION: Nairobi Garage

COVER: KShs 1,000

Tickets: CLICK HERE>>>


We’ve partnered with INSPIRED talks Nairobi to bring you another evening of inspiration, change and innovation. Founder Jessie de Boer believes that ” change begins with an idea” and holds these monthly talks to give change makers a platform to spread their ideas and inspire other like minded individuals.

Its an opportunity to learn from six inspiring individuals as they discuss “things” which they are passionate about in a relaxed atmosphere.  This the 5th round of inspirational talks and features speakers with expertise in agriculture, crime prevention, governance, engineering and technology. JOIN US, and get inspired as you network with great people over snacks or a beer!

Who Will Be Sharing?

Peter Manson Ouko, Crime Si Poa

Peter Ouko is the founder of Crime Si Poa (Crime is Not Cool). Crime is on the increase in Kenyan and globally. Peter will talk about the activities undertaken by his organization and give us some insight into perceived ‘danger zones’ in Kenya. He is one citizen who has taken community policing seriously!

Julie Church, Ocean Sole

Julie Church is a qualified marine biologist and founder of Ocean Sole. She will present on Ocean Sole and the resourcefulness and creativity of people in Africa to clean up the beaches and remove harmful debris that threatens marine ecosystems.

Bernadette Murgor, Smart Farmer Magazine 

Bernadette is a social sciences graduate from the Kenyatta University, editor, journalist and publisher of the Smart Farmer Magazine and Smart Farmer Flower Edition. She will talk about the importance of timely and quality information to those in the farming industry.

Peggy Mativo, PACE ( Promoting Access to Community Education) 

Peggy Mativo is a recent graduate of Harvard University and founder of PACE. She has won the Clinton Global Initiate University Commitment of the Year Award and is an associate of the Harambee Entrepreneurial Alliance. Peggy believes that change and transformation begins in the classroom.

Helen Kinuthia, Entrepreneur

This young believes that “Life is about more than just getting by but having the ability to overcome adversity and achieve our own personal goals”. She will speak about her incredible journey towards attaining her dream and how she managed to get there.

Ferny Verwiel, Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project 

Ferny believes that art is a powerful tool that can be used for healing and bringing a change in one’s life. She aspires to create awareness about the effect which laughter and happiness can have on health.