Are you working but want a side-hustle? Do you have a passion for web development? If yes, yum ( is looking for you!

Yum is an online based food delivery company with a growing client base.  It is looking for a self-driven, focused web developer and software engineer consultant with 4-5 years of web developer work experience at a well-known company or organization.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the website (from design to backend) with minimal supervision from the yum management team and will be reporting to the CEO.


Saturdays: expected to work on Saturdays in yum’s Nairobi office from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Access to and communicating with the operations staff is critical to the success of this position.

Site maintenance: responsible for fixing bugs/issues in a timely manner.

App development and maintenance: must be able to develop and maintain apps on various platforms.

Feature development:  in addition to maintenance and bug fixes, new features will be requested as needed. The operations team is dependent on the website and the features that are added. They will need timelines for when features will be expected to be completed.

Liaise with the technical leads: you will have bi-monthly meetings (and be available over email/phone) with the technical leads and CEO. Weekly meetings with the CEO and operations team will take place on Saturdays at the office.

Ideal candidate:

Proficient in the following technologies: python (required), relational databases; postgres/mysql/etc (required), web framework in python, django (highly desired), jquery and css (just familiar), web design, ux (just a bonus), svn source control (useful)

You are a hard-working, self-motivated, highly experienced individual who can accomplish tasks and updates quickly, with clean, well-developed code. You take on much of the trouble-shooting and user testing yourself and are able to encourage others to work with you.

Minimum 4-5 years of web-developer/software engineer paid work experience (after finishing school); university degree

Must have experience with app development and maintenance – Microsoft, iOS, android

Additional Info:

If successful you will be working saturdays as mentioned as well as 6-8 hours during the week.

Send in your application, resume and references to [email protected] no later than February 28, 2015

If you have a GitHub repository kindly include the link.

All the best!