REFUNITE a non-profit organization connecting disconnected people (refugees) with their families through mobile technology is looking to hire.

The company has 3 positions up for grabs!

1. Communication fellow, SMS and Mobile

2. Data Communications Lead

3. Research and Prototyping Developer

A. Communication Fellow, SMS and Mobile

The company is seeking an individual who is passionate about SMS and Mobile marketing. The ideal candidate will assist in marketing across Africa, Middle East and Asia. An entry level communicator is suitable for the position whose tasks will include;

-Assist with the coordination of SMS strategies and plans

-Assist with content creation for mobile and web

-Create customized SMS campaigns to drive engagement (i.e. geo-targeted campaigns)

-Translate SMS content into 10+ languages in coordination with REFUNITE’s translation partner, Global Voices

-Analyze audiences through SMS surveys and digital crowdsourcing


-Enthusiasm towards wording and copywriting

-Minimum two years of professional experience with communications campaigns, ideally for an international organization or mobile company

-BA or MA in Communications, Media, Marketing or Journalism

-An entrepreneurial mindset, flexible and willing to take on ad hoc tasks

-The ability to work in an extremely fast-paced and multi-tasking environment

B. Data Communications Lead

The company is seeking someone to help track global campaigns and operations and to share insights with the team and stakeholders. The company works with among others Safaricom and Vodacom to achieve its goals.

• Create a plan and strategy for data reporting and communications in REFUNITE
• Extract and aggregate data from REFUNITE’s databases and real-time dashboard
• Analyze data from our global SMS campaigns, platform and mobile projects
• Prepare data reports and presentations for existing and new partners
• Think critically about REFUNITE’s data and process complex data sets and workflows into actionable strategies

• BA or MA in computer science, business administration, engineering, mathematics or statistics
• Experience with PHP and Python (Django, Flask frameworks)
• Minimum of five years of professional experience.
• Expert knowledge of Excel and knowledge of MySQL, MongoDB, WordPress and CMS
• A portfolio of data projects
• An entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to take on ad hoc tasks
• The ability to work in an extremely fast-paced and multi-tasking environment

C. Research and Prototyping Developer

The company is searching for a creative, motivated, and highly organized Research & Prototyping Developer. In its mission to connect people digitally the company is  seeking for an individual to work with  research and technology teams as the technical lead.

Tasks include:

-Your duty will be to focus on conceptualizing, planning, and executing on a series of prototypes designed to test new services for the organization.

-Creating “sandbox” environments for integration with external systems to testing new services

-Designing mockups and wireframes for A/B testing with beneficiaries

-Building systems to track and evaluate testing metrics for specific initiatives.


-Be skilled in primarily Python scripting and Django & Flask frameworks.

-Have experience with MySQL, MongoDB and other databases.

-Have front-end development skills.

-Have experience with Adobe Creative Suite (or the like).

-Computer science or engineering background is desired, but your skill-set is much more important to than your degree.

For more information on the jobs and application details visit the REFUNITE website.

REFUNITE is an opportunity to expand your professional work in Africa and beyond while getting the opportunity to connect individuals digitally.

Best of luck!