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Traditional office environments have become boring and have been found to kill creativity. Solution? Co-working! This method of sharing desk space with individuals from diverse fields challenges the mind, ignites creativity and spurs growth for your company. Shared spaces are only recently beginning to be discovered and appreciated and the United Kingdom has not been left behind.

As cities around the world start experiencing the shared spaces bug and as companies realize the value of co-working, it can only spell doom for traditional working methods. Co-working spaces are also increasingly identifying unique aspects to focus on. These ensure member’s businesses grow and one aspect among many is fostering a sense of community.

Today on our co-working segment we feature Desk Union based in the UK.

Overview: Desk union

Desk Union is based in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. It offers competitive desk space in terms of quality of service, co-working experience and price.

It’s a company focused on not only offering desk space but a wholesome work experience and loads of fun while at it.  Desk Union is unique in that it goes above and beyond the norm and revolutionizes work by helping members circumnavigate most problems that small businesses encounter while starting out.

In partnering with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Desk Union is quickly cementing its place as a leader in offering value for businesses occupying their space.


Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Founded: 2012

Access: 24 hours for members

Desks: 30

Price per desk: 60 pounds (20 hours a month)

Meeting rooms- 2

Free tea/Coffee-Yes

Members include; Stirling Associates; O’Leary Public Relations and Big Noodle



Special features:

Desk union offers its members amazing benefits including up to 10 pounds credit on taxis, car club membership, discounts in beauty treatment and gym membership. The space also goes further and assists members with workspace management, community building, feasibility and consultancy as well as social media and marketing. Everything you need to build an empire!

What more could you ask for?

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