Sinapis is Hiring!

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Sinapis is an organisation that aims to train and mentor entrepreneurs in business practice, as well as provide seed capital. They’re growing really fast, and are looking for smart, capable people to join the team and help scale it upward.

//Chief Operating Officer

At Sinapis, you will work in a start up environment, overseeing expansion, helping raise funds, among other exciting duties. Check out the other requirements here, and give it a shot if you think you’re just the person they need.

// Marketing Manager
Sinapis is looking for a communications and marketing superstar to join their team.
If you’re a stickler for grammar, and have had previous experience creating and leading marketing campaigns, this might just be the place for you. Find out more.

// Lead Trainers; Sales,Marketing and Human Resource, and Operations and Finance

The Sinapis Programme involves an intensive four month business training program in various topics. If you have a passion for sharing knowledge, check these openings out. All the best!