If you’re in Nairobi, then you are no stranger to the massive traffic jams that block the roads every day. Countless hours have been wasted, countless car horns have been hooted, and countless aspirins have been taken, but we at the Garage say “no more!”. The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy – a member of our Westlands space – is here to enhance the accessibility to transport and general mobility on the streets of Nairobi, to make every Nairobian’s life a little less trying.

Come attend their “Walk-Stroll-Cycle-Ability: Designing a Street Network for All” event this coming Tuesday the 19th, where Clayton Lane – CEO of ITDP – along with other panelists from University of Nairobi, Kenya Alliance of Residents’ Associations, UNHabitat and Handicap International will speak about how we as citizens and members of different organizations must change our priorities to make our “Green city under the sun” even greener and less gloomy! Clayton Lane has over two decades of experience in sustainable transport leading 200 experts in 55 cities of China, India, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey to create more equitable, healthy, accessible, climate-friendly cities.

The event is free and open to the public.  Register for the event here.