For the second time, this upcoming Tuesday, we’re super happy to have the Google Developer Expert Program boarding the Garage train. Their goal is to mentor upcoming developers and startups to build and launch highly innovative apps, and they’re coming over to our Ngong Road space to do just that.

Developing a successful app is not easy. To reach a broad audience, you need to consider multiple mobile platforms, in addition to the web. To build for these platforms, you need a back-end server that can scale if lots of users log in. Then you need to find new ways to spread the word to get more users for your app. You then need a way to measure all that user activity, keep track of app crashes, all the while figuring out how to monetize. Google’s Firebase has all the tools you need to build a successful app by providing you with a unified app development platform.

Come join us to learn how Firebase can handle these essentials for you while you spend more time building apps your users will love. All developers and techies are welcome! The event starts at 4PM, make sure you RSVP here.