coworking02As a space, often the problem we face is not convincing the public that co-working is right for them, but rather it is making the public aware of what co-working is! To make up for that, here’s our next move in our effort to spread the word. Our new monthly Co-Work feature, made to raise public awareness on the efficiency of co-working spaces as a business solution for everyone.

Co-working spaces are the perfect option for those who don’t want to be trapped in an office space that feels like a dim corner distant from what’s happening in the world, that’s precisely what Barbara ter Horst and her husband Francisco Romero wanted to avoid. This Mexican-Dutch couple, owners of a Google certified agency that conducts virtual tours inside of businesses, lived in Mexico together for over 10 years, but they got tired of working from home. Because they couldn’t find a suitable solution, considering the high rent of private offices and the limits they impose, they made one, by looking to co-working for the answer to all the challenges they were facing! “We were managing everything from our house, but in between the bad internet, the high electricity bill, the distractions and the fact that we weren’t getting to know any new people, we decided to open our own co-working space, after not being able to find something else in town that suited our needs and wishes.”

c0e865c81cab6a3aa12ab4e49f74589f-largeThis is the story of how Work Zone Coworking came about, a quaint little space in the vibrant city of Playa del Carmen, giving people desk space in a premium all-inclusive package at a lower price. Though it isn’t that large of a city, Playa del Carmen is up-and-coming and right at the tip of the mermaid’s tail (look at the shape of Mexico if you don’t know what I mean), attracting lots of youth and lots of expats. A lot of the members of the space have a story similar to Barbara & Francisco’s, they’re developers, web designers, sales people, who were working from home but wanted the chance to meet new people and network. Much like our Garagers, Work Zoners don’t have to worry about a thing, they can sit, plug themselves in, and type away 24 hours a day. Apart from the desk space, meeting rooms are available to the members, and they also offer free tea & coffee, printing & scanning facilities, cookies, a tablet that everyone can share, and a bicycle that everyone can use! Not sure the bicycle would work too well if we had it at the Garage, maybe a boda boda would do, hmm (*writes mental note*).


Clearly, even though co-working is a global concept, every space has its quirks. Take a look at the Work Zone’s decor for example. With the theme of travel in mind, they made the space vibrant and creative. On one wall, you see the mountains of Greenland, illustrating “the road to success”. Keeping with the traveling theme, they have travel and Lonely Planet books available to everyone.

Work Zone Coworking, serviced office solution in Playa del CarmenAnother thing that makes Work Zone special? Their ‘Chill Zone’, where the members can sit back and chillax on a hammock while watching some movies, or playing some Wii. Like any co-working space, we can’t forget the community aspect, and there’s no shortage of it here, as Barbara said; “together with our members we have visited some cenotes (natural sinkholes, very typical in the Yucatan area) for some snorkeling and swimming, we have gone partying at full moon parties, and Friday afternoons are the time for beers & Wii, which is great fun! We also do the occasional social events in Work Zone where everybody is welcome to attend, getting to know new people and having a drink together.”

Big or small, in Mexico or in Kenya, we believe co-working spaces offer an awesome serviced office and events solution, that people can choose to be a part of to connect, co-work, and create something together! Watch this space to see where our next featured space will be from. In the world we live in, it could be anywhere.