As an entrepreneur one needs to utilize a barrage of tools from doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to social media analytics and others to ensure you get the most out of the web.

Good analytics does this by ensuring your business is well targeted and this maximizes conversions and earnings leading to greater profits.

However, when you are just starting out as an entrepreneur one of the greatest challenges is capital.  Money is hard to come-by and utilizing the same requires caution and some level of ‘wisdom’ to prevent wastage.

Entrepreneurs and startups are encouraged to source for free business tools so as to free up money for reinvestment or for more critical areas of their businesses.

On our toolbox segment today, we talk about MixPanel, a free service that allows you to get comprehensive analytics on how your visitors interact with your website.

This tool is similar to growth hacking which is basically utilizing analytics and tactics to grow a startup. It is the brain child of Adrien Montcoudial founder of Growth Bakery.

As an entrepreneur, understanding what your visitors click on and which pages on your website attracts more conversions or actual purchase, downloads or installations is crucial to success of any startup.

MixPanel allows for segmentation which means you get micro data on who clicked on what, why and how long they viewed. It also allows you to understand where you lose customers through a feature called funnels. Understanding this enables you seal loopholes and maximize conversions.

This tool also allows you to understand how to retain visitors and keep them coming back. What more could you want?

MixPanel is certainly a must have for any startup and can only mean good business for you.

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