The Hacks/Hackers community in Nairobi meets monthly to discuss pertinent issues, brainstorm and collaborate on plausible solutions. In August, AfricaHackon talked to the community about cyber security and privacy online. In October, they talked about net neutrality and why it should matter to hacks and hackers.
This month, driven by current affairs in the world and inspired by the 19 Million Project (an 11-day Hackathon on the Refugee Crisis currently ongoing in Rome), the Hacks/Hackers community will be talking about the global refugee crisis and what hacks and hackers can do to help.

Code For Africa will be teaming up with 2 other of our members – REFUNITE and the Humanitarian Data Exchange. The meetup will take place this Friday, November 13, 2015 from 5pm. They will share the work that they do, the challenges they have experienced, the lessons they have learnt along the way and how the community can help as technologists and journalists operating within the African context.

Register here to attend, invite a friend, come ready to learn, interact, ask questions and share your ideas.

See you on Friday!