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One of the challenges often discussed is how to manage the business when running other errands. Being the manager, sales person, accountant and social media guru can be overwhelming even for the most organized and time conscious person.

So how can these challenges be overcome?

MiniERP is a financial management platform for SME’s, startups and generally small scale business that ensures financial prudence. The platform is one of a kind as it can still work when the internet is down or completely offline allowing you to completely digitize your business but with very little capital investment in terms of buying digital equipment.

MiniERP was created by Pluspeople Kenya and gives you 3o days free access to try it out.

Some of the functions/advantages of MiniERP include;

-Automated commission tracking

-MPESA integration

-Prevention of revenue leaks

-Automated book-keeping

-Use only Ksh. 1000 monthly (After FREE 30 day trial) to access the platform

-Offline capability

-Automated payroll calculations

-Debt and debtor management

All these functionalities mean you can relax and not worry about loss of physical files as everything is cloud based.

What more could you want?

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