Electricity is a vital part of our lives. It takes a few minutes of a power outage to appreciate how dependent we are on it. Appreciating that fact, its important to note that many people especially in East Africa don’t have access to it.

Students study using kerosene lamps while some use candles. This not only strains their eyes but hinders their competitiveness in examinations and subsequently search for opportunities. Parents too suffer a great deal and economic prospects for East Africa remain gloomy unless something is done to light their lives.

To solve this problem requires ingenuity and Kenya’s tech innovators have an opportunity to address it. So do you have an idea?

Smart Villages and the Cambridge Development Initiative (DCI) have launched the Energy innovation Challenge. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurial teams with at least a science student or recent graduate a chance to change lives.

The teams will be assisted to develop business skills, build networks, meet peers for collaboration as well as win $3000 in capital to take their idea from just that to an actual business.

5 finalists will be selected and will receive intensive business training from DCI to enable them develop their idea into a business plan and an actual investment proposition.

The finalists will benefit from;

Training-8 week business training in Dar-es salaam from July-August

Funding-Direction toward additional funding sources, travel expenses may be provided upon application.

Certification-Earn practical training credit.

Network-Get to meet potential sponsors and partners

Sounds interesting? Deadline for application is April 17, 2015.

Click here for more details about the challenge or simply apply here.