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As co-working-where individuals in different professions share a common space- continues to grow and become even more popular, so does the go-green song.

Mother nature has been kind to us over billions of years and as we co-work and build empires, it’s only fair to show kindness to her.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature Green Spaces based in Denver, Colorado.

Green Spaces is a shared space with environmental conservation written all-over it. From reclaimed wood planter boxes to an organic garden as well as solar power, the space is as they say, certified green.

The space has partnered with among others, Zipcar to give members in the space the ability to get around town with ease.


Location-Denver, Colorado U.S

Access- 24/7 for members

Number of desks-120

Price per desk-$350 per month

Meeting rooms-2


Free tea/coffee-Yes




The Climate Group


Unique feature;

Running errands in any city especially when you’re an entrepreneur can be hard, but don’t worry; Green Space has bikes for members to use. Every entrepreneur is time-barred and a bicycle especially in cities with traffic saves a whole lot of time.

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