As a startup owner, one of the many reasons you chose this path is because it allows for flexibility in work schedule and space. You don’t have to be tied down to a 9-5 office job staring at the same grey wall everyday Working from home though isn’t always the best option either as you become starved for human interaction. A co-working space allow you to collaborate with others and grow at the same time.

There are many amazing benefits to being part of a co-working space. From cutting costs on office space to networking with like-minded people and increased productivity. Not to mention, co-working boosts your creativity. Here are our 5 reasons though why you should really consider a co-working space.


Probably one of the biggest reasons you should consider joining a co-working space is the networking opportunities. At a co-working space you get to network with amazing people every single day. Not only that, because they see you so often, they remember who you are and what you do. So the next time someone they know is looking for a certain app or a web designer, they’ll think of your company.


When you’re working out of coffee shop you need to buy coffee every hour or so. If you don’t, you run the risk of receiving seriously nasty glares from the café employees. At a co-working space though, you don’t have to feel guilty and the coffee is for free!


When you’re coffee-shop hopping its difficult to spread out your laptop, other electronics and paper work. You can’t just leave your stuff there and start off again the next morning where you left off. Besides, the chairs at coffee shops aren’t exactly ergonomic either. More than that, inviting a potential client to a meeting at a co-working space looks more professional than inviting them to a coffee shop.


The beauty of co-working is that you never have to eat lunch alone again. There are always people around who you can eat your sandwich with. At a co-working space you can participate in sanity-preserving small talk that occurs around the communal coffee maker. On a Friday afternoon, more often than not, you might find yourself enjoying happy hour with your fellow co-workers. These little interactions go a long way to boosting your creativity and happiness as well as keeping you level-headed and socialised.


When you network and connect with interesting people you are bound to learn something new. You also get to tap into the events and seminars that these spaces host. Whether it be the launch of a new app, lunch spot you must try, a talk with a successful entrepreneur or a workshop on growth strategies, there is always something new you can learn at a co-working space.

-Adapted: Capetown Garage-