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Coworking spaces—where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other independent workers come to work—are increasingly becoming popular.

Currently, over 160,000 people worldwide are members of more than 3,000 coworking spaces, according to research from In 2010, there were just 500 spaces, accommodating around 20,000 workers.

This growth is attributed to the difference co-working makes giving entrepreneurs the much needed boost to build their empires.

This week on our co work segment, we feature Locus Workspace based in Prague.

Locus Workspace is made up of a strong community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives and has partnered with among others; Easy Visa and Express Print to ensure members get the most out of the space.


Location-Prague, Czech Republic

Access-24/7 for members

Number of desks-100

Price per desk-$59 per month (basic)

Meeting rooms-2


Free tea/coffee-Yes



Idea Makers

Ad Fonte


Special Feature;

Locus Workspace is all about nurturing your new business and in case you find yourself without a computer for whatever reason, don’t panic! Locus Workspace will rent you one as you get yours is sorted out. Locus also has many perks for members including membership to the co-working visa as well as business and legal services.

Locus Workspace is certainly one seriously cool co-working space.

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