As Nairobi Garage is home to many programmers and techies, it’s our joy to see opportunities for these great minds to make an impact. Part of this is through interactive sessions and conferences to chat about and identify new trends in programming.

The 2015 Ruby Conference , organized by Nairuby is one such avenue. Nairuby is a community of Ruby programmers based in Nairobi seeking to stimulate the use of Ruby, formation of an all-inclusive Ruby community as well as involvement of startups and corporates.

The 2015 Ruby conference will be a two day event to be held at the C4DLab, University of Nairobi from May 8th, 2015.

The organizers are accepting talk proposals for the conference and will select a variety of talks to make the sessions lively and interactive. The talks have to cover a wide variety of skill levels as well as topic.

It is also important to have talks that will benefit all levels of programmers, from beginners to advanced.

To apply you are required to sign in with a GitHub username or Twitter account.

It is certainly a great opportunity to impart as well as acquire more knowledge on Ruby.

Sounds fun? The event is free and the deadline for the applications is April 25, 2015.

Nairuby reserves the right to turn down talk proposals in a bid to ensure equality and to make the sessions lively.

Check out the event details here or visit the Ruby Conference Kenya website to apply.