Nairobi Garage is home to great techies and innovators and it’s always a joy to see one of our members expand. Refugees United (REFUNITE) is hiring developers in its latest openings.

REFUNITE is an agency that works to reconnect refugees with their families globally. By using a WAP, USSD, SMS and web based platform, REFUNITE is able to create refugee profiles which can be accessed by those seeking loved ones enabling them to reunite. REFUNITE has registered huge successes with relatives reunited after up to 22 years of separation.

In helping 280,000 people to reconnect with their families, REFUNITE uses teams, often made of refugees, present in refugee camps and urban areas of East and North Africa to collect data on missing persons. In its quest to continue reuniting families, REFUNITE is hiring a front-end developer as well as a back-end SMS+USSD developer.

Front End Developer

REFUNITE is looking for a world-class front-end developer with excellent markup skills to join their dynamic development and UX team in Nairobi.


-Design & develop user facing applications for our web UI (web/mobile

-Work closely with the user experience (UX) team

-Lead the UI design of our upcoming Android app

-Design & develop web and email campaigns for the communications department.

-Actively contribute to the product development working closely with the rest of the tech team

Ideal candidate:

-Bachelors or Master in Computer Science with significant markup skills or

-Equally self-taught with proven track record

Other technical skills required include:


-Grids, frameworks and boilerworks


Back-End Developer

As a back-end developer, some of your responsibilities will be:

-Building applications

-Contribute to engineering, support and operational needs

-innovate on building highly scalable and responsive APIs

Ideal candidate:

-Highly experienced in USSD and SMS development

-Experience in databases like MySQL, MongoDB etc

-Comfortable working across the full web stack

-Preference for Python

REFUNITE is a great employer and can offer a lot including, being part of an ambitious, skilled and agile team.

Deadline for applications is June 25, 2015.

For more information regarding this opportunities or to apply click here.

Best of luck!