Lots of our members do great wRefunite, Nairobi Garage member, was awarded a grant at the Child 10 forum by Reach for Changeork in improving the lives of others, and making an impact, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all their efforts get recognition. REFUNITE’s efforts however have just recently gotten their spot in the limelight! At the Child 10 Forum in Stockholm that took place from November 6th to November 8th, REFUNITE was awarded a grant of $10,000, received by Christopher and David Mikkelsen (REFUNITE’s twin founders). This super prestigious award was given to REFUNITE in recognition of their effort in helping thousands of families finding their missing loved ones and reconnecting with them. REFUNITE’s online platform has over 500,000 registered users right now! That’s a ton of lives that were just made a whole lots less painful, because these people can now trace where their long-lost friends and family-members have gone.

Can we share some of their triumph by saying that this company is one of our longest-running members? Does that say something about the Nairobi Garage as a place that only cool, innovative, and groundbreaking companies are a part of? We think so!

This organisation is definitely a shining star of one, with a team full of people that are always glowing and that the Nairobi Garage team members are always happy to see. It’s no secret, Refuniters, you guys will definitely go far! Even further than you’ve already gone.