Silas Wainaina, speaker for AOH on HR at Nairobi GarageHey there! Where are all the months going?! Before the total shutdown that happens in Nairobi every year, we’re having one last After Office Hours session, well-suited to the craziness that goes on at the end and beginning of a year.

During this period, lots of changes happen. Some companies are expanding, while people out there are looking out for the next job that’ll help them grow. A lot of questions will come to the minds of those in charge of hiring these new people, especially this one: “how do I know whether this is the person I should hire?”. Well if you find yourself facing this dilemma, then come into our Westlands space on December 1st 2016, and Silas Wainaina, Human Resources Leader of IBM East Africa, will give the run-down of everything you need to keep in mind while you’re picking the perfect new addition to your team!

There are lots of things to consider when hiring someone new. Do they have the skills required to do the work? Are they qualified? What are their talents and their shortcomings? Are they compatible with those of the people they’ll be working with? All of these and more will be covered by Silas, who is an experienced resourcing professional, executive recruiter, and graduate recruiter.

After Office Hours is a bi-monthly business skills session where we host someone awesome to share their knowledge with our members and non-members. This one will take place on Thursday the 1st of December (6PM) at our Westlands space (Floor M2, The Mirage, Westlands). Snacks will be provided. Get your tickets here.