Optimizr Toolbox

This week from the Toolbox we bring you Optimizr, an online tool designed to help you streamline and maintain your website.

It works simply, just input your website URL and email address into the sign in screen and Optimizr will run through the piles of data that a website will produce. It checks quickly for unwanted and unnecessary errors and flags them, notifying the user as to how to correct them.

Instead of being blindsided by impending tech-disasters Optimizr will notify you in advance of the warning signs that could seriously impact your online capabilities and the long term development of your website. Again the innovation will notify you and give clear and direct info as to how to fix the problem once and for all. This is part of the difference that Optimizr can offer, it doesn’t have a vague process behind closed doors, and it helps you fix it yourself, cutting back on costly repairs and making you the IT department of your own website.

Optimizr is designed to make your life easier, giving tips to streamline and upgrade your website, as well as keeping track of the social media presence your website has and the time it takes to load the site itself. In short Optimizr is a lifesaver for startups, organizations, and small companies. Frankly it’s one of the best tools the internet has to offer. The real kicker to all of these great benefits is that it’s free. However, with a service this helpful, it may not be free for long. Our advice is to join Optimizr as soon as possible and let them give your website routine checkups.

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