Nairobi Garage Toolbox


The Nairobi Garage, as we do every week, is helping your start up with the upkeep. As such the latest tool to add to your toolbox is Boomerang, which once you use, we’re sure it’ll be nearly impossible to live without. Running a start up will involve sending dozens, even hundreds of emails every week. Let’s face it, sometimes people get lost down in the shuffle.

Sometimes this shuffle can end losing you crucial business, thoroughly adding to your workload and cost your start up quite a lot. Though it’s easy to go down this path to forgetfulness and disorganization it’s just as easy to avoid it.

Boomerang helps with this, and it’s something easy to help keep your start up in the fast lane. It’s a free service provided through Google and it works by reminding the user if they haven’t received replies from an email yet.

This can be a lifesaver if your chasing down a client who travels a lot, have a forgetful company who owes you an invoice, or if your trying to set up the next meeting. Don’t get caught in traffic. Use Boomerang, it’s free and it’ll give control of email communication come back to you. As always look to Nairobi Garage’s Pitstop for all the latest tips to help keep your start up running smoothly.