Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires dedication especially since breaking into the market is a huge challenge. This challenge is further amplified in Africa due to poor infrastructure, communication and high levels of poverty that hinder uptake of investments or delay it.

Government ought to ease this burden for the entrepreneurs by creating an enabling environment for startups, SME’s and tech innovators to break even quickly and get into profitability.

This requires a deliberate effort on the part of the government to bring together all stake holders to discuss and formulate policy frameworks to protect entrepreneurs and innovators.

In light of this, Kenya started the Enterprise Growth and Investment Conference to draw together all stakeholders in the region to address challenges and a way forward to ensure Kenya remains an economic powerhouse in the region.

The event is attended by industry players, government representatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is a perfect opportunity for the SME’s, Startups and innovators to share with the conference their challenges and some of the ways these can be addressed.

It is also an amazing chance to network and probably sign your next big contract from government and other businesses alike.

The event will be held in Nairobi on Wednesday 25, March as well as on Thursday 26, March from 8. 30 am. It is a paid event and sitting space is limited. Visit here for more details or email [email protected] for inquiries.