Inspired Talks

At Nairobi Garage, we love to talk – in fact we spend most of our day doing it.  But listening is a much better way of learning. How about an evening spent listening to some of Nairobi’s most interesting and imaginative people? And then spending time sharing ideas and discussing solutions with them? Sounds like a good deal to us – and that is why we are super pleased to host INSPIRED Talks at the Nairobi Garage.

INSPIRED Talks founder Jessie de Boer – who is a real-life Beekeeper! Very cool – explains the thinking behind INSPIRED Talks: One of the problems in the world today is the lack of opportunity for ‘young ideas’ to be shared in the public sphere. Humankind is faced with incredible social, economic and environmental challenges, but where does one go to discuss these? To brainstorm possible solutions, swap thoughts and philosophies, collaborate and network? INSPIRED is about creating this space; A living social network with atmosphere, energy and REAL human interaction.

Now that you’re already inspired, here is how it goes down…

Every six weeks INSPIRED will organize an evening of ‘talks’ which aims to bring together six fledgling change-makers and their ideas for creating positive change in the world, starting right here in Nairobi.

Six different individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, deliver a 10 minute presentation on how they are personally actualizing their vision for a brighter future. From tech to agriculture, business to the environment. The aim is to pull together, encourage and stimulate everyday people to stand up and use their voices, their experiences and their passion as a platform upon which we can discuss the future. Together.

Click for a short INSPIRED taster.

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