The Nairobi Garage is one of three co-working hubs across Africa. You’re reading this; so you probably know this. Still, it is often assumed that co-working is about “fun,” and the pursuit of youthful dreams. While it isn’t boring, its not all fun and games.


There’s a general misconception that working around others makes you unproductive. It’s noisy, you constantly worry about who’s going to ‘borrow’ your computer and have difficulty concentrating. It’s understandable. Shared working spaces are a fairly new phenomenon in our part of the world.

Co-working allows individual freelancers and entrepreneurs, as well as small teams ,to work together in a single office environment. Co-working hubs are stylish, contemporary and gaining popularity as they enable start-ups, freelancers and even established businesses to greatly reduce expenditure on overheads. While the Nairobi Garage is often associated with tech companies and young entrepreneurs, we host businesses of different types.

Need somewhere to work? Here’s why co-working is best for the savvy entrepreneur:


Tired of working out of your living room? Unable to sustain increasingly high office fees? Send us an email (or talk to a real person on 0755-556955) to explore some options! Whether it’s for a day, month or year – we’ve got a package that will suit your preferences. Prices start at KSh 2,000 per day and you only pay a month’s refundable deposit if you opt for a monthly package.




If you opt for monthly access, you can work whenever you want. Need to host an important half-day meeting on Sunday? Just book and pay for a meeting room pass. We’ve got you covered; 24 hours every day of the week.


Lounge section

We take the best elements of a relaxed work space and essentials of a productive office to give  Nairobi Garage members the best of the modern work environment. The spacious seating space means you don’t feel violated but are close enough to other like-minded people. You can get inspiration from the other genius working on programming or chat with the economist you met at a Nairobi Garage event the past week. If you prefer, you can focus on your work and only talk when you walk to the meeting room for a session with a potential investor. It all depends on you!


Communal working space

Aesthetics aren’t everything, but working in a clean, contemporary and functional environment will boost your business. Our rentals include access to essential amenities such as high-speed internet access, meeting rooms, coffee, and equipment for presentations. There’s a great lounge space and if you’ve looking for something to bite, a great restaurant on the same floor. You’ll also get to hear about interesting events hosted in our space each month.