Today we turn 1 year old, but the real number is 112 companies and 370 members having shaped us over the past 365 days.

At Nairobi Garage we felt that a meaning of co-working space for entrepreneurs in Nairobi needed to be reinvented to increase sharing and exchanging among entrepreneurs to ultimately speed up the growth of their companies and increase the pace of innovation. A year later we have no doubt that our members have developed their own community where knowledge sharing and co-learning happens every day.

We have watched startups such as Hivisasa, Refunite, Moringa School and Futaa scale up from 1 desk to their own rooms as they continue a rapid growth, and in some cases take the next step and eventually move out to their own offices. Companies such as Uber, Branch and Kama Kazi continue to grow their footprints at Nairobi Garage as well.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without a great group of people who put together events and serve as the glue of Nairobi Garage. Huge thanks go out to Doti, Martin, Selina, Shyro, Caroline and Alice. Also importantly, thank you to Safaricom, Seacom, Google for Entrepreneurs & Microsoft for powering us throughout the year.

We are beyond excited to watch the continued growth of space, expand our services and bring the community closer by organizing more quality events and workshops. Stay tuned and thank YOU!