Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people; creative, witty and sometimes secluded. The first two qualities are a win but the last may not be understandable when it comes to ‘societal norms’. How then does an individual with a vision of changing the world survive? The answer is co-working-where individuals from different professions share desk space.

Sharing space has been proven to be more than beneficial and the working revolution is not about to die as more and more co-working spaces focus not only on the business side of things but your entire well-being as an entrepreneur.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature Enerspace, a uniquely different shared space that every entrepreneur needs to grow their startup.



Access-24/7 for full time members

Number of desks-50

Price per desk-$300 (full-time co working)





Enerspace hosts a number of companies among them being:


Olson Research Group

Unique features

Constant thinking as an entrepreneur can weigh you down not only emotionally but physically. Enerspace has your best interests at heart when offering you a home.

The space has storage for bikes in case you fancy a morning cycling session to work. Also available is a spa-like shower to refresh and revitalize yourself after an afternoon jog at work.

Last but not least Enerspace offers something to ensure your soul’s needs are well taken care of- the space has a fitness room where yoga classes are organized.

No entrepreneur would pass up a chance for membership at Enerspace!

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