Today we are introducing a new section in our blog which we’re calling “The Week That Was”. It is going to be an entertainment feature that will cover everyday occurences at Nairobi Garage. We’ll try to be witty and we might push some limits, but we’ll also get you in the right mood for the weekend. After all, a little humor never killed nobody. :)


The Week That Was #1

# One of our hardest-working teams got kicked out of their apartments earlier this week. Since the details are still unknown, we’ll just call this “The Uber Curious Case of Eldon Villa”.

# After months of intimate darkness, we are happy to announce that there is light in men’s bathroom. Finally. It’s light bulbs though, our suggestion to extend the romance with the help of candles did not get the support we originally expected.

# After careful consideration we’ve decided to create a 3 step manual on how to open our office door from inside. More and more visitors get all confused about pushing the button. We know, it’s magic!

Moringa School has just launched their third cohort with 12 developers in the making. Rumor has it, they’re (still) super excited and full of energy and vision. I guess they’re not aware of the number of lines of code they’ll eventually have to write… yet. Nevertheless, we wish them tons of luck and patience! At the end of the day, we all know how difficult it is to find a good developer in Nairobi.

# One of our own went MIA on Monday. I guess unemployment in Africa is nothing but a myth… Oh well, there’s plenty of fish in the Nairobi sea. Know a great social media manager? Drop us a line!