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When you realize your idea is a viable startup, the next step is to seek a partner to help you grow. This, however, is a challenge as most people are hesitant to jump into unchartered waters.

Co-working-where individuals from different professions share desk space-is one way of beating this challenge; its advantages are proven.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature Spark Labs based in New York City.

Spark Labs is a cool shared space which has partnered with Google and Amazon among others to ensure that members in the space have the tools needed to grow their startups.


Location-New York City

Access-24/7 for members

Number of desks-80

Price per desk-$350 per month (basic-flying desk)

Conference rooms-Several (fully equipped)





Being at the heart of NYC, Spark Labs has been able to grow into a community of techies and creative. Some of the members sitting at the Spark Labs space include:


-Vide Dressing

-Movie Chainer

Unique features:

Spark Labs knows that growing your startup or expanding to new markets is a challenging task. That’s why they’ve decided to offer a revolutionary solution to beat the stresses that come with it. These include free hosting for your website-caters for the business side-and also discounted gym memberships-gives you an avenue to let off some steam and re-energize your creative engines.

Spark Labs is one serious co-working space and its growth is inevitable.

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