Businesses are nowadays moving all their services to the cloud. This is because; Cloud Computing enables delivery of services and sharing of resources over the internet. Further, cloud computing eliminates the need for local servers making it cost effective for organizations and corporates.

Kenya is fast catching up to the realities of the modern world in other sectors but cloud computing isn’t making an impact as such.

One Kenyan startup, however, is determined to change this.

Angani-Swahili word for cloud- is a public cloud computing company based in Nairobi.

Angani realized that in as much as IT is important to companies, it does not add direct value to the product or service. Angani therefore buys infrasturcture in bulk and virtualizes it then leases the same to companies.

This saves companies money and time that would otherwise go to maintenance, cooling among other IT problems they could face.

Angani serves and benefits clients in two major ways:

Virtual comfort

Angani allows a company to own virtual infrastructure as opposed to physical. This eliminates the issues of wastage of resources as the physical machines are not always at use. These machines are also charged per hour meaning companies only pay for what they use.

By going virtual with Angani, companies are able to set their computing capacity, adjusting up or down according to need.

Turnkey Solutions

The startup realizes IT problems can cause trouble for companies. They therefore sit with clients, formulate the problem, come up with a strategy and provide solutions for it. This form of tailor-made IT solutions proves valuable for companies as challenges faced are unique to different organizations.

Angani is an ingenious idea and is already setting the pace in cloud computing for Kenya.

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