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World-over, co-working is increasingly becoming popular. This is fuelled by the need to offer great, affordable office space to enable startups overcome some of the many challenges they face.

Co-working-where individuals from different professions share office space-fosters a sense of community and support leading to increased creativity and subsequently exponential growth for startups. Couple this with the low cost of utilizing the space and the startups won’t die financially before they even start.

This week on our co-work segment we feature one such space, HQ Raleigh, based in North Carolina, U.S. HQ Raleigh has a growing number of companies sitting at the space ad has partnered with among other, Jubala Coffee Village to give you a coffee experience like no other.


Location-North Carolina, United States

Access-24/7 (co-working membership)

Number of desks-30

Price per desk-$125 (basic-community membership)

Meeting rooms-8 (2 large, 6 small)

Lounge- No




In keeping with its community-oriented and support strategy, HQ Raleigh has attracted creatives and companies who form a growing list. Some include;

-Akili Software



Unique Features;

HQ Raleigh is focused on giving your startup the best services and support to make it grow. Part of this is through giving all members, be it basic or permanent, a personalized mailbox. This makes you stand out as a business and gives a better shot at your success.

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