Creativity often leads one to live a life of loneliness.  Not that you want to, but because constant imagining and dreaming can drive people who don’t exactly share your vision crazy.

Co-working-sharing desk space with other entrepreneurs in different fields- is a way to beat this loneliness. Co-working allows you to share space with like-minded individuals who understand what it is like to be creative. This gives you the tranquility to bring your ideas to life without sacrificing social life.

One space offering such an opportunity is Converge, based in Denver Colorado.

Converge is a space that fosters collaboration rather than competition and has partnered with local non-profit organizations to ensure members get the best out of their time and money.


Location-Denver, Colorado U.S

Access-24/7 for members

Number of desks-70 desks

Price per desk-$150 (part-timer/12 days a month)

Conference room-1 (25 people capacity)

Internet- Fibre Optic 100mbps





As a collaborative community, growth is inevitable. This is because, when members are satisfied; they will text, email or chat with their friends about the space and that brings more members on board.

Some of the companies sitting at the Converge space include:

York Street Labs

John Ellison


Unique feature:

Most co-working spaces focus on their members in terms of hosting events for them only. However just like Nairobi Garage, Converge promotes their full-time members on their social media to help them grow. This is a fairly new and therefore unique concept.

Converge is certainly a space worth checking out if you find yourself in Denver.

Be sure to check in with Nairobi Garage for more amazing shared spaces.