Human resources! If those two words are not in your job description, chances are you don’t feel very concerned with whatever goes on in that department. But what if we told you that many systems that your space has in place to make you happy and productive would crumble if it weren’t for your HR department’s hard work in the background?

HR jobs are always turned over to those who specialize in the field, without people giving much thought to them afterwards. Though it is wise to let the experts handle it, many people underestimate how crucial quality HR management is to any business! This coming Thursday, our AOH guest speaker Faith Kajuju will be talking to our members about “The Power of Talent”, precisely to convince you how important it is to not only have but also nurture the good talent that runs your business. Faith is a senior HR consultant at Aon Hewitt, with an impressive résumé of past experiences working for IBM and Transnational Bank.

At the Garage we think that a company can only be as strong as the people it’s made of, and these people can only be as strong as the team that they’re a part of. That is where HR comes in – making sure that the culture and climate in the office creates a strong team spirit, encouraging productivity and commitment to the welfare of the company. Your people are your best asset, know how to treat them and they’ll know how to reward you in turn. Anyone can benefit from Faith’s wealth of knowledge on the subject! If you’re interested in joining us, RSVP here.