Yesterday we had the soft and very well-spoken Faith Kajuju over to talk to our members about “the power of talent”. As a senior HR consultant working for Aon Hewitt, a global giant in the world of human capital and management consulting, we knew that she’d have a vast amount of information to offer. But we didn’t quite appreciate how much!

The topic of HR was discussed in a variety of different contexts. One particularly interesting point that was raised was how only large companies bother to invest in having a proper HR department or some proper HR consulting. Startup companies have a smaller budget and hence often look at that sort of investment as frivolous compared to all the other expenses they have. The issue with this however – according to Faith – is that this lack of consulting with someone goes on until an HR-related problem is actually encountered by these startup companies. A very interesting point to consider if you’re a startup owner!

There were also quite a few things we could quote her on to give you inspiration. We can tell you that “talent is power”, that “if you are talented, employers will fight for you!”. Faith made sure to remind us that we add value to our companies, and that as performing people, we are our company’s best resource. There’s not a single doubt that everyone who attended left with valuable lessons learned, and heads held up a little higher.

For all this we’d like to give Faith Kajuju a big asante sana for having been our AOH speaker this session! If you’re interested in being a part of our next AOH, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter as we’ll announce details about our next one soon!