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Well this is not a common occurrence! We have a treat for all of you who attend AOH religiously, for the month of September only, our bi-monthly event is now coming around for round three! Our third and last AOH of the month will be led by special guest, Ritesh Doshi. If that name rings a bell but you can’t quite put your finger on why, think of your beloved “superbiotic”, “rajin’ cajun” or “farmvil” pizza that you used to order, and you’ll remember that he’s the man behind Naked Pizza! (Gone too soon)

After having exited his business to Pizza Hut in 2016, Ritesh is seeking out his next opportunity as an entrepreneur-in-search. Naked Pizza is far from being Ritesh’s only achievement however.. Before he became an entrepreneur, he worked for HSBC; bought, restructured & sold a human resources business in London; helped corporates enter Rwanda; advised the US government on business development in South Sudan; and provided operational, strategic & succession advice to Kenyan corporates. Ritesh also founded JuiceBox, is an active angel investor (BookNow, OkHi & EcoPallets), and serves on the Board of Tropical Heat.

Though he definitely has loads to talk about, this time around he’ll be focusing on “hacking the customer experience.” All about how to embed customer service in your business culture, Naked Pizza did raise the benchmark of customer service in its industry after all! Come and learn what you can do to get your customers to come back for more again and again. The session will take place Thursday the 29th of September (6PM) at the Mirage. Snacks will be provided. Get your tickets here.