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The month of May may bring us rain but it also brings us the chance to celebrate Press Freedom and Journalism. 

So, we have decided that we absolutely need to learn what journalism is really about,  the ways journalism impacts societies and inspires reform and even discover the ways in which journalists ethos could inspire marketing teams and encourage marketers to take bigger risks with content. There is always a lesson to be learnt! And with that said, what better teacher than Jeff Koinange, who just happens to be the first African Emmy Award Winner!

We are very excited to welcome Jeff Koinage into our space on Thursday 18th of May 2017 from 5:30 pm as our distinguished speaker at our monthly After Office Hours held at our Westlands Branch. For those who do not know, After Office Hours is a monthly event, where members of Nairobi Garage and innovators from around Nairobi, learn from and engage with, speakers who are exceptional in their areas of business.We’re more than just a co-working space: we’re the place where goals are reached and dreams lived.We believe strongly in our community.

Mostly known as a journalist, broadcaster and television news anchor. Jeff is also a great negotiator, a skilled motivator, excellent showman and gifted presenter. Most people try to fit Jeff into molds but rarely succeed in capturing his essence. Jeff’s genius for reporting and keen understanding of his subject’s overshadow all his flaws, making him one of the most successful reporter’s to originate from Africa. Jeff makes interviewing look effortless but the subject is always treated with integrity and credibility.

Jeff  is currently host of the popular and controversial Talk Show, Jeff Koinange LIVE #JKL broadcast on Citizen Television, Kenya. His Perseverance , impartiality and level-headedness is what makes the audience truly… Sit back! He is the first black African journalist to be prominently featured on international network television and at CNN, Jeff cemented his reputation as one of the most accomplished journalists of our time. Jeff’s reportage has impacted major events from all across the African continent and led to action. His reflection of life on the continent to CNN’s global audience is unprecedented. Although Jeff was CNN’s Africa Correspondent, his journalistic reach was as influential beyond continent. In 2005, he was part of CNN’s Peabody Award winning team that covered the devastation wreaked on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina

Through many memorable interviews to his jaunty refrain All Kenyan! All the Time! Jeff is also a keen and energetic Master of Ceremonies and has hosted numerous Bilateral and Multilateral events for the African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Health Organization (WHO), The Economic Commission of Africa (ECA), the East African Community (EAC), the African Union (AU) and various United Nations (UN) Organization agencies.Jeff’s consummate skills have been recognized internationally with numerous awards.Most notably, He is the first African to win an Emmy/ First African to win a Peabody Vernon Jarrett, Prix Bayeux! Jeff proudly holds many distinguished awards to his name.

We look forward to getting to know the mind of a world class journalist a little bit more and earn some insightful and impactful outtakes. You can be rest assured to take home with you some inspiration and motivation.

You will also have the opportunity of an exclusive Book signing of Jeffs insightful book “Through My African Eyes” and offered at exclusive prices just for you! Don’t miss this talk! It is going to be Phenomenal. RSVP NOW, seats are limited! #AOHwithJK Get your tickets now here!! Stay tuned for more from the Garage here!