The word school sometimes doesn’t bring the best memories to mind, the long boring hours in a stuffy classroom. But Moringa School is different. High potential, pro-active students learn to code from a world-class curriculum and top quality teachers and mentors to support them in the process.

Moringa School is truly doing amazing things. They are creating a space where people will learn new skills that they will remember forever. And on top of that – they also get to do it in a fun, interesting workspace. Moringa is building a school where creativity meets diligence, where people learn to work and interact with other smart peers to create amazing projects.

Moringa School will be talking about how they ensure world class programmers through their quality teachers and programmes. They will also be discussing the opportunities and benefits when working with them, which include potential jobs and their excellent Moringa Devshop. Students also have a team of developers that can help, support and push them to the best of their ability.

This event takes place on Saturday 3rd September at 5:00PM at the very best Nairobi Garage.

Be sure to attend and we’re excited to see you here!

More info and RSVP here.