For this week’s AOH we’re excited to welcome Dimagi, a recent member of Nairobi Garage.

Dimagi is a socially-conscious tech company which builds open source mobile technology to reach underserved communities. CommCare, Dimagi’s cloud-based, open source, and turn-key mobile platform, is the most widely-used and most evidence-based mobile tool for frontline workers to date with 300+ projects implemented in 50 countries. It is used by community health workers, nurses, agricultural extension officers, sales agents, and their supervisors. Dimagi has grown into an 100-person team including software engineers, project managers, and public health experts over the past 12 years. They’re headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have offices in New Delhi, India; Cape Town, South Africa; and Dakar, Senegal, with additional field staff in Guatemala, Kenya, Myanmar, Mozambique, and Zambia.

In Kenya, Nairobi Garage members Fio and Nele are focusing their efforts on implementing CommCare Sales, mobile applications for organizations distributing goods and services at the last mile, which is what they’ll be focusing on during their talk.

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