It’s always exciting for us at Nairobi Garage to welcome a new member to the space, and this month has a particularly special meaning. Not only it’s the beginning of 2016 and everyone is eager to kickstart the year on a fresh note – it’s also the week we fully open our new space at the Mirage. #NewYearNewStart

Some of the new members include Umati Capital, OneUni, Microworld Africa, Twinpine Network, Breakthrough Media, Africa Voices and Arrow Themes. Moreover, companies such as Branch, REFUNITE and Nest have extended their presence from our Ngong Road office to Westlands.

In the next months we’ll be digging in deeper into profiles of the new companies, as well as people behind them. In the meantime, take a look at what the new space looks like today & drop us a line here if you’d like to be a part of this!

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//The Nairobi Garage Westlands is located at the Mirage (Floor M2), a brand new commercial building on Chiromo Road.