Uber In MBs

Uber tunayo hatunayo?

Uber tunayo!

Awesome news, if you’re in Mombasa. You can now get UberX!

Best of all, Uber is giving away 6 days of free rides – just in time for the Easter break!

That shaves a bit off the holiday budget ( Nairobians, we see you!), and makes life much, much, easier for you guys in Mombasa.

Uber launched their service out of Nairobi Garage, and we’re so proud to see them grow!

Hold your coconuts shells up, everybody, and let’s have a madafu toast for a true innovator.

If you’ve never used it, simply sign up and feel the #UberLove. It’s easy to use, safe, and the pricing is great.

Go on and give it a try, Mombasa-you’ll never look back!