# This week started off to a bloody note, literally. Two of our own got into a fistfight while fighting over… COFFEE! Seriously guys, we could perhaps understand if this was an Ashley Madison kind of situation, but coffee?? Also, we feel like we should apologize to our members. As hilariously ridiculous as it was, nothing like this should ever happen at a workspace. Consider it taken care of.

# The face of our office is finally back from a well deserved vacation. Not entirely sure what happened at the coast, but she’s back and sharing stunning smiles in all directions. Also it feels like Nairobi Garage is whole again, everyday life is so much better when she’s here. Thank you Doti & we hope you realize that we’re not letting you go any time soon again. Or ever.

# You may have noticed that we’ve been silent for a few weeks now. You see, the reason is that I’ve simply been overworked and the witty side of me was put to winter sleep. However, now that I have two amazing interns, Sam and Lorenzo, helping us out, I’m finally back to my old (and sarcastically straight-forward) self. Also, I feel like I should make sure you know this – our interns do not sleep in tents. Just FYI.

# Code for Africa has reported that some minor stuff has gone missing from their office lately. It’s not the time to start pointing fingers (yet), but whoever it is, bear in mind that Code For Africa has clinched a $4,7million investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to supercharge data journalism and ‪Open Data across Africa for 3-years. I mean, they’re certainly not stupid and will eventually figure this out, especially with a star investigative journalist on their team. Be warned.

# On a totally unrelated note, Moringa School students have now been exposed to the “Knowledge for Life” program by Seven Seas Technology to better their skills, grow professionally and enhance their career and life paths by learning from one of the top technology companies in Africa. Congrats on that & secure more of these kind of partnerships >> and that goes out to all of our members. You make Nairobi Garage look stellar. Thank YOU and have an amazing weekend!