# “The Uber Curious Case of Eldon Villa” from last week is not so curious anymore. We won’t go into details, but believe us when we say… DO NOT STAY THERE. EVER. Unless you are scientifically interested in psychotic diseases and wish to experience a severe case of schizophrenia…

# Moringa School is introducing a new training course for complete beginners, called Junior Moringa School. Check this out if you’re still unsure if fixing bugs all day every day is your dream job, and would like to dip your toes in the basics first. On a more serious note though – well done guys on creating a course that gives a basic understanding on what software engineering is about. Best of luck & train your puppets well!

# Our internet has been acting like an erratic teenage girl this week and we finally know the cause. Some of you have been stressing her out with enormous torrent downloads, hence we had to kick certain people out of the web this morning. If you find yourself blocked out, you should probably consider downloading these (we’re sure Oscar-, and not X-rated) movies at the comfort of your home. Also, consider yourself warned!

# Most of you probably noticed that in the last few days our drinking water tasted like chlorine. Our guess is that our water supplier had to empty his pool for the winter and didn’t want any of the water go to waste (because Africa, you know). Anyhow, we made a complain and a new batch has been delivered. So… Keep calm & drink more water!

# This week we had no After Office Hours and some of you are probably thinking “when the cat’s away, the mice will play”. We hate to disappoint you but that’s not really the case. We did go on a winter sleep this week, only to come back so much stronger for the following weeks. Stay tuned & check out our event page next week. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Drop us a line if you want your story to be covered. We love inside scoops!